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Pet Proofing Your Home

Your pet can be one of the biggest parts of your family, but, they can also cause havoc in your happy home. Here are some ways to keep your furry friend safe and your home in top condition.


-Keep trash cans covered or even put away in a closet

-Place cleaning supplies, medication, and other chemicals on high shelves and out of reach

-Use child-proof latches/locks on cabinets and drawers

-Keep foods out of reach

-Make sure to keep your toilet bowl closed or bathroom door closed to prevent them from drinking toilet water

-Check for and block any small space, nooks, or holes inside cabinets or behind the washer/dryer

Living Room

-Put away any toys, plastic, or clothes that could become a chew toy or choking hazard

-Place hanging wire from lamps, TV’s, game systems, or other electronics out of reach

-Move common house plants that could be poisonous to your pets off the floor

-Cover all heating/air vents


-Move all chemicals to high shelves or behind secure doors

-Keep all sharp objects/tools out of reach

-Clean all antifreeze from the floor and driveway (a small amount can be lethal to pets!)


-Keep laundry/shoes out away in closets

-Make sure all soaps, lotions, and make up is on top of dressers (not nightstands) and out of reach

-Also check for hanging wires or lose electrical items and keep them away from the ground

So remember! Be cautious of chemicals, cleaners, plastics, toys, or other items that might be out of sight but hazardous. Your pet can bring so much joy to you and your family, but it is your responsibility to keep them safe.

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