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Best communication tips for renters and property managers.

My smartphone can do that? 

Every day new apps and updates present themselves, making our cell phones an invaluable communication tool. But, even with all the bells n’ whistles money can buy you might still lose the communication game without first perfecting soft-skills such as great phone etiquette and follow-through. Remember, your portal can make and receive both text and emails and as agreed at your lease signing; everything with Colonial Property Management must be in writing, especially work orders.


With the current climate and stress, let’s explore communication tips for both renters and landlords to bridge the gap and create positive synergy. 


Whether you are a primary tenant or occupant, every interaction is an opportunity to set the tone, increase trust and good communication. You likely are on the phone all the time with calling, making appointments, work, friends and family. Try out these techniques next time you’re on a call. 

Active Listening When asking for update on applications, work orders, or asking about policy, please make sure you give our staff time to respond. Also remember, we have a full list of policy on both our lobby wall and our website to prevent any misunderstanding.

Clarity Make sure when speaking with maintenance or vendors directly, you clearly lay out the issue. Sending the wrong type of vendor due to poor explanation can result in a service call charged to the tenant. 

Abusive language

While we appreciate your frustration in certain matters, abusive language and disruption of business is actually a violation of your TAA Lease. While we do our very best to deescalate matters, if a tenant is abusive to staff we can and may limit your interaction with our office to email.


We continue to strive to be helpful during this trying time. While budgets are strained and stresses high, please understand we work for your homeowner. It is simply part of our contractual obligation to our investors to collect rent, fees, and maintain their property.

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